Virus and Spyware Removal

Viruses and Spyware / Malware are the #1 threat to your computers health these days. Here at TCTS Computer Repair Center we specialize in virus and spyware removal and threat assessments on your Laptop or Desktop Computer. We can even immunize your Laptop or desktop computer against many of the common types of spyware and viruses. Most anti-virus and anti-spyware programs will only attempt to clean your Laptop or Desktop computer once you’ve already been infected, possibly causing data loss and days of frustration and lost productivity. We perform a full security assessment of your Laptop or Desktop Computer, and finally we perform a comprehensive spyware and virus immunization on your PC – Laptop Or Desktop Computer. We have many different ways to remove these threats from your PC , Laptop or Desktop Computer . Call us today for Same Day Service 561-735-4663.

Some of the most common symptoms include the following

  • Your PC performs much slower than it should.
  • Your PC freezes unexpectedly and restarts itself.
  • Your current anti-virus/ anti-spyware program is missing or doesn’t start.
  • Your computer is talking to you and making loud beeps saying warning warning !
  • An anti-virus program, or anti-virus program lookalike, appears and tells you that you have an infection.
  • The files on your desktop, including but not limited to the contents of your documents folder, are all missing.
  • Your PC often freezes and you get a blue-screen informing you in technical language the nature of the crash.

Keep your computer safe

  • Keep your computer safe! On average, we eliminate 50 to 300 threats on each infected PC that we work on. After removing any viruses, spyware, malware, or any combination thereof (they usually come in combinations), we install software from today’s leading anti-virus/ anti-spyware manufacturers, thereby reducing the chances that you will be infected staff. Our friendly staff will show you how to use this software making it easy for you to understand the best ways you can keep your PC clean and avoid any re-infections.

    Malware Removal, Spyware Removal do not only make your computer slow or unusable, they also allow cyber-criminals to use your PC and your internet connection. Things that you pay for to engage in illegal activities. Additionally, viruses and spyware can make you a victim of identify theft. One of the fastest growing types of infections are those viruses and spyware that allow nefarious individuals to earn money by performing scams or by stealing sensitive personal data.

    Don’t let yourself be a victim! If you fear you have already been taken advantage by the nefarious people who create and spread viruses/ spyware or simply are not sure, contact TCTS Computer Repair Center today! Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to provide you with the diagnosis and protection that you need to rid your PC of any harmful programs and keep your PC safe and running well.