Custom Built PCs – Gaming PCs, Multimedia PCs, And More

Do you need a very powerful PC to paly your games or day trade or cut music or video editing ? Are you looking for a PC that will work  well and look good?

Are the pre-built one-size-fits-all PCs that are available in stores not what you need? Then contact TCTS Computer Repair Center today and let us help you build the custom PC built to your specifications. We have been building custom computers since 1999 and our staff of professionals are ready to build your dream computer.

Many of the latest games require top-of-the-line hardware when playing on the highest settings. This often includes  powerful video cards , a lot of RAM, a fast NVME or SSD ( Solid State Drive) , a powerful processor Ryzen 5, Ryzen 9, Intel  i7, Intel i9 and equipped with  water-cooling system, and a case large enough to house everything.

We can build a system to your specifications allowing you to choose any parts available. Our Microsoft Certified staff can help in doing research to determining which parts will be needed for your project and making sure that the parts are compatible with one another.

Do you need a powerful custom computer built ?

The friendly staff at TCTS Computer Repair Center is here to help you build the computer of your dreams. For movies, music, and video games, the future is now. Call today and lets build you a custom gaming computer within a budget that you can afford