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Do you need a very powerful desktop computer with the potential for future expansion? Are you looking for a PC that would work well and look good? Are the pre-built one-size-fits-all Gaming Computers that are available in stores not what you need? Then contact TCTS Computer Repair Center today and let us help you build the custom PC built to your specifications.
Many of the latest games require top-of-the-line hardware when playing on the highest settings. This often includes two or more video cards running together, 32 GB – 64 GB  of RAM, a fast SSD hard drive, a powerful processor IE i7- i9 equipped with correspondingly powerful  water-cooling system, and a case large enough to house everything. 
We can build a system to your specifications allowing you to choose any parts available on the market. Our knowledgeable staff can help in doing research to determining which parts will be needed for your project and making sure that the parts are compatible with one another.Call us today and schedule a Free Consult 561-735-4663

Do you need a very powerful Desktop Computer ?

A rapidly expanding market of computers lies in their ability to play movies and music much like a traditional DVD player and CD player of the past. Are you tired of having a special device for every piece of media? A CD player, tape cassette player, or vinyl turntable for music. A blu-ray player, DVD player, or VCR for movies? Simply your life with a multi-media PC! Computers have the ability to store and play any videos and any music without the need for so many different devices connected simultaneously. They also reduce the need for storing and inserting your media each and every time you want to experience it. Multi-media PCs can be built in elegant cases that match the size and shape of a typical stereo receiver and have the ability to connect to most current televisions and just about every stereo receiver.
For those of you interested in old video games, we can also help. Due to the powers of computers, it is possible to eliminate the need for maintaining old video game consoles and their games. This technology, known as emulation, allows you to spare yourself the trouble of connecting any old video game consoles to your television. Emulation technology can be worked into a multi-media PC perfectly or any other PC. As long as you own the original media, there is nothing illegal about it. It is even possible to use the old video game controllers on a modern PC thereby making your video game experience of the past accurate.The friendly staff at TCTS Computer Repair Center is here to help you realize the PC of your dreams. For movies, music, and video games, the future is now.

Fast GAMING Computers Custom built

Here at TCTS Computer Repair Center .We can help you build the gaming computer of your dreams.No matter what you budget is we can help you start on the road of high power , amazing video quality computing today.We have an array of processors and motherboards and Video cards rot choose from.All you need to do is call us today 561-735-4663 and explain what your needs are and we will custom build you a computer to fit those specefications.Same Day Service is available.For the past 20 years we have been building and setting up custom computers for work and for play.TCTS Computer Repair center is located at 9851 S military trail Boynton Beach , Fl 33436.We also have preowned desktop computers and laptops in stock as well.Come in a chck out our large selection of different makes and model desktop and laptops.Gaming and high powered Desktop computers are a must if you want to get things done FAST .We have some proven builds that will take your breath away on the speed and robust picture quality in our high end builds we perform.Call today 561-735-4663

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