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Business Consulting Services

Are you the owner of a business needing professional guidance or seeking creative, practical IT services that fit your budget?With over a decade of proven results, let the consulting team at TCTS Computer Repair Center meet with you face-to-face to help you maximize your computing environment. Our extensive knowledge of business / commercial enterprises allows us to make suitable recommendations and implementations to improve the efficiency and profitability of your company.Whereas many other technology consulting firms seek first to sell products and services, our consulting services team will first develop a deep understanding of not only the client’s industry, but how the client operates their specific business model. We have been servicing clients in e Palm Beach County and Broward County for over twenty years.

Business IT Consulting

Our consulting process follows a careful three-point analysis.

  1. Functionality – Covers specific experience and functions which will be an intricate part of the consultant’s success on the particular assignment. Detailed functions from past assignments allow a consultant to quickly ascertain if the client possesses a suitable configuration to meet critical needs.
  2. Interactive Skills – Many assignments require the ability to communicate both with executives and end users within the hierarchy of the client organization. This part of the analysis focuses on past experience and provides a structured evaluation of the consultant’s ability to interact at the required level.
  3. Technical Skills – As part of the in depth technical interview, we provide a detailed audit both of the information technology that our consults recommend for our client in addition to what our client currently has, if applicable.

We have consulted for a wide variety of clients including but not limited to:

  • Investment Bankers
  • Stock Brokers/ Securities Firms
  • Currency Traders
  • Law Firms (Family, Immigration, Real Estate, Probate, Estate)
  • Start-Ups
  • Restaurants
  • Shipping Companies
  • Transportation
  • On-Line Retailers
  • Travel industry

Project Takeovers

TCTS Computer Repair Center is also frequently engaged by Clients who have invested a good deal of time and money in-house or with an outsource service provider, and the project is over-budget and over-schedule, still incomplete, and confidence is lost. TCTS Computer Repair Center engineers are experts in taking over such projects, allowing a business and its employees to stay focused on the core business and related skills, while TCTS Computer Repair Center Handles the necessary technology in a supportive role. Many times, a business does not have an IT department or the engineering staff to successfully create..

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